"If You're The Kind Of Person Who Wants To Break Free From Limited Thinking And Finally Get Whatever You Want In Life... These 12 Long-Lost Astonishing Books Written In The 1920's Will Set You Free!"   

From the Desks of:
Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan
Wimberley, Texas

Dear Student:

e feel your pain.  You've read "Think and Grow Rich".  You've scoured the shelves in bookstores for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years: "Why am I not where I want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually?"  You've done everything that you can... but there's still something holding you back.

What is it?

For years, people just like you have asked this same question.  Fortunately for some, they were able to get the answer to this, and many other questions, by purchasing a course back in the 1920's.  If you were to flip through some of the magazines and newspapers back then, you would have seen some of the world's first direct response ads.  What were the ads for?


Before we get into how your life is about to take a drastic turn for the better, allow me to explain how lucky you are.  Or shall I say, how lucky we both are that I was at the right place at the right time...

...I can see how Pelmanism is the spark that created the modern self help industry. I am a cooking fanatic and read cookbooks like novels and can see how the major, best selling cookbooks in the last 25 years are all based on several of the classics. The same is true with personal development. 
I have barely gotten into the third lesson and can see myself growing; my sensory awareness more acute and noticing life happen right in front of me. I also feel a part of the life I am aware of, not just observing from the sidelines but, an actual participant. As a purchaser of this product I am so happy to be a part of something so transformational and something that has impacted the information marketing arena in such a massive way.
Everything that's old is new again! Kudos to you, Pat for finding this and to Joe Vitale for passing his knowledge and passion to you so you could see this and bring it to us.
Josh Michelson

"The Lost Art Of Pelmanism FOUND Deep In The Heart Of Texas!"

A few weeks ago, I was visiting some family members in the "Heart of Texas".  While driving through this area, it's almost like time never bothered to advance.  Dirt roads still cover the wide open country.  Cowboys still roam the fields on horses caring for their cattle.  And the sun sets with fiery red embers burning yellow and orange ripples into the night sky.

Views of the prairie are endless with no skyscrapers or billboards to obstruct the beauty; just an occasional centuries-old farm house. 

While you wonder around in the small town, you're half expecting a gun fight to break out at any time.  This was no ordinary town and I half-expected to find something of significance while roaming around... and I did. 

Although I never found anything out of the ordinary in the old post office or general store, an old wooden building did get my attention.  When I walked in, the musty smell and dust was enough even to put a tear in your eye.  Luckily, within only a couple of minutes, I found the box.

Although the old semi-rotten box seemed ordinary, it's contents was extraordinary.

As I carefully emptied it's contents, I found a lot of magazines printed in the 1920's in decent condition.  I quickly made my purchase and went back outside to take a deep breath of refreshing, dust and mildew free air and began to sift through my find.

Nothing particularly grabbed my attention, but I thought that my good friend Dr. Joe Vitale would absolutely love to see these.

Pelmanism is outstanding. I was not even through reading it when my brother called to pay me back $800 that he borrowed from me more than three years ago. I thought he would never be able to pay me back! But Pelmanism helped me change the way I think and the money just comes in. Incredible. Pelmanism is worth 10 times what I paid!
Teresa Tice

The next week, I brought the magazines to our Mastermind group session.  During the meeting, I gave them to Joe- and he used the old ads in the magazines to give us an impromptu marketing lesson.  The other marketers gathered around us as we went through them, page by page.

Then everything stopped and the room got very quiet.  Joe had found the advertisement for Pelmanism

It was like time had stood still yet again.

"I've heard of Pelmanism," he said.  I don't know when I've seen Joe that excited.

Oh my gosh...Pat...Pelmanism is awesome. Becoming observant and seeing and listening better has been such a boon to my business. Since I got the Pelmanism course, I got a $1,000 raise in less than 2 weeks in my business. I am so excited and I expect even bigger and better. Thank you for that beautiful gift that you and Joe shared with us.

"If You've Ever Read A Personal Development Book That Left You
Asking More Questions...  Pelmanism Will Turn That Inner
Dialogue Off Once In For All And Help You Take Action!"

Of course, this led to a quest.  What was the Lost Art of Pelmanism?

After a few weeks of searching, I found a mint copy of the 1919 books- all 12 of them- for sale.  When UPS delivered them, I immediately sat down and read them. 

Gold. Solid Gold. 

  Book one- The First Principles

  Book two- Purpose, or What is Your Aim?

  Book three- Knowledge and the Senses

  Book four- Will and Effort

  Book five- Concentration

  Book six- The Pelman Principles of Mental Connection

  Book seven- Imagination and Originality

  Book eight- The Pursuit of Truth

  Book nine- On Personality

  Book ten- Books and Reading- How To Organize Your Mental Life

  Book eleven- Your Subconscious Mind

  Book twelve- Pelmanism in Action

I just got the opportunity to download the 12 Pelmanism lessons and have since been reading some very interesting material. I have been a student of mind development for a long time and found this material, originally written about 100 years ago, to be clear, simple to understand and full of wisdom. The thing I enjoyed most is that it isn't full of fluff. Most surprising is the reasonable price.
Thank you Pat O'Bryan for finding these lessons and making them available. The lessons work well with Joe Vitale's book The Attraction Factor.
Robert A Love

Everything was there.  Everything.  The secrets to how the huge fortunes of the 1920's were created.  The mind-control and memory techniques that look like magic- until you have it explained to you.  Then, you realize- "I can do that".  Simple lessons that anyone can use to control their subconscious and program their brain.

I was wondering if Napoleon Hill had studied Pelmanism, and decided that yes - he had to.  You could say that Napoleon Hill's books are the perfect companion works to the Pelmanism course.  But, of course, Pelmanism came first.

Joe and I agreed that we had to share them.  They were just too good to keep to ourselves.

I personally scanned them, preserving the original flavor and fonts, and converted them into e-book facsimiles of the originals so that you could enjoy them the same way we did.  To make the experience complete, I scanned in the ancient advertisements.  They're priceless.


 If Personal Development Were A Puzzle, Pelmanism Would Be
Both The Missing Pieces And The Glue That Would Put 
Everything Together For You. 

Now you can tap into this forgotten long-lost power.  Joe and I are already using the techniques revealed in these books.  It's true that the mind is a muscle like any other that grows more powerful with use. 

These twelve books explain very clearly how to train your mind with exercises, concepts, and secrets that just aren't available anywhere else.  They're clear, simple, and concise.  They're priceless and if personal development was a puzzle, Pelmanism would be both the missing pieces and the glue that would hold it all together.  So what will you learn?

√  How to use Pelmanism to gain a new and better understanding of yourself in ways not taught for many, many years.

How to train the senses, especially sight and hearing for maximum performance.

How to develop energy, enterprise and self confidence.

How to understand and utilize the principles of association.

How to practice analysis and synthesis, the reduction of a problem to its simplest form, and the combination of old ideas to develop new ones.

How to concentrate the attention and strengthen the will.

How to use the forces of suggestion and self-suggestion.

How to arrange any subject into a scheme suited to your own conditions.

How to practice analysis and synthesis, the reduction of a problem to its simplest form, and the combination of old ideas to make new ones.

How to keep the mind and brain in good health.

How to organize your time to make Pelmanism a simple part of your daily life.

How to develop an unshakable memory.

How to find and develop your life's purpose.

And much more!


"Take Your Life And Business To New Levels Using The Old Mind
And Memory Methods That Pelmanism Will Teach You!"

Packed with hundreds of intensely mind-blowing pages, the lost art of Pelmanism will leave you more fulfilled than reading 200 of today's top personal development books!

Think about this...

The number of millionaires rose from 7,000 in 1914 to 35,000 in 1920.  Why was there such a big jump during that time?  Did they know something that you're not aware of today?  Did these people study Pelmanism?

So how did this treasure get lost?  I'll let my friend, Dr. Joe Vitale tell you...

Finding Your Super Powers
by Dr. Joe Vitale

I've been fascinated by personal growth ever since I was a teenager. It may seem strange to you, but my teenage years were spent seeking the secret door to "the powers" of the universe. In my quest to find the keys to unlocking those super powers, I devoured all the books I could, whether recent or historic. I left no stone unturned. If it was in my home town library in the self-help, psychology, philosophy or occult section, I read it.

Decades later I found those super powers. But not in the library. I had to go further back. What I found startles me even today. I'm pleased to report that they are now available to startle you, as well.

I'm talking about "Pelmanism". This once popular course of study was designed to awaken the heroic within you. As their own promotional materials said, "Pelmanism is a full course of instruction in the science and art of self-realization".

This brilliant system was all about teaching you how to control your own mind. As one lesson explained, "Few persons realize that a thoroughly trained and efficient mind is the only universal asset in the world."

How true! But how do you train your mind?

Most of us realize our minds run wild and we feel helpless to control it. (Try to turn off your own thoughts right now. Go ahead. I dare you.) Yet the doorway to using our super powers is unlocked by first learning how to control our own minds.

That's where Pelmanism came to the rescue.

Pelmanism was called "A new and easy process that practically forces men and women to succeed".

Can you imagine that?

A system that doesn't let you squirm out of your own success?

A method so powerful that it won't let you self-sabotage yourself?

A process that literally *forces* you to succeed?

In the week since I purchased "The Lost Art of Pelmanism" I have experienced so many wonderful changes.  Since the download was broken up into 12 parts, I have been reading and studying one part per day.  And so far....ideas are flowing to me at an incredible rate, I have 3 new web sites in the creating phase, real estate clients are coming from everywhere...and they all are qualified buyers!  My mind is sharper, my focus is incredible....and I have even quit smoking...just like that!
This book is an amazing find....you could charge 10 times as much and it still wouldn't be enough!
Sondra Nash

That's Pelmanism.

It lived up to its promise, too. The course was founded in 1899 and caused a movement around the world. The Pelman Institute of America opened offices in New York City, London, Paris, Melbourne, Bombay, Durban, and Stockholm -- and this was in the early 1900's -- before all of our astonishing means of instant communication which we take for granted today.


Brilliant resource revealing timeless truths, in quaint original text.  Pelmanism reminds us to sharpen the senses and focus attention so we can “see opportunity where the average eyes sees nothing,” and thus improve mental ability and success in life. I’m a Pelmanist and proud of it!

Caryl Morgan, South Africa, www.healingfeelingsinminutes.com




I still love the Pelman materials.

They are written in this hypnotic style that gets in deep and starts to stir changes within you, almost without effort. Advertisements for the course promised that this material would change your life. It apparently changed a lot of lives, judging from the endorsements that came in for this rare material.

Pelmanism is forgotten today, largely because once the founder dies, the movement often dies as well. When no one continues marketing anything, no matter how good it is, it will usually disappear. (Let that be a lesson to everyone in business. You must always market, or risk death.)

Lucky for you and me, Pat O'Bryan dug up the entire original Pelmanism course. It wasn't easy. This material is long lost, very rare, and almost buried in the vaults of history. If you do an intense search, you can find a volume or two here and there, but rarely more than that. We have all twelve lessons, which once sold by mail around the world and helped to awaken people to the divinity within them.

This course is now yours, made available in an easy to read format right online so you can read it in the comfort of your own home. In fact, what you'll see are the exact pages from the original course, all scanned for your instant enjoyment.

I know not everyone will want this material, because not everyone is aware enough to want more out of life. My mission is to find those souls who want to awaken. When enough of us sing from our hearts, we can uplift the entire planet.

This material can change your life, awaken your heart, mind, and soul and show you the way to the attainment of your highest goals and wishes.

It all begins right here...and right now.

Please use your new powers for good.

Expect miracles.

Dr. Joe Vitale
Pelmanism Student
Author of way too many books to list here

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Have you seen the demonstration where a number of people are assembled? The first person gets a piece of information whispered in his/her ear, then they each pass it on, whispering in the next ear, etc.? It’s always funny because it never comes out even close to the way it began.

The self-help works of today are not new. All of us who are writing and speaking on it have learned elements and “truths” from a variety of sources, digested them and then put them in our own words.

 Imagine what the early versions were? They must have had enough substance to cause them to be sustained all these years.

Pat O’Brian and Joe Vitale have done an ingenious thing here. They found The Lost Scrolls of the self-help movement. 'The Lost Art of Pelmanism.' The power of this man’s wisdom is readily apparent. The whispering of his work is being heard today, only now we get to hear the first version, which is fascinating and powerful.

Tom Justin, author of “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed”
. www.howtotakeno.com

What Are You Going To Attract With The Secrets In These Books?

In just a couple of minutes, you can be reading them, and extracting the gold from them (the gold for you), and putting these secrets to work for you.

Although I've got shelves of success and wealth oriented books, and Dr. Vitale has a remarkable success library, we've both moved these books to "front and center" in our reading rooms because they contain information that just isn't available anywhere else.

There are no limits to what you can attract with this complete course!  What are you going to do with that kind of freedom?

About Pelmanism -

Outstanding information from the archives of the past!

I've always been an avid fan of Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino and Napolean Hill, considering them the finest minds of our time.

This treasure that you and Joe Vitale have found is the precourser to all of that and more!

I'm reading the fourth lesson now and the transformation is well along.  The defined process is so simple that it's mind boggling. 

The fact is that this is a "MUST READ" for anyone with vision and substance who wants to awaken to full potential.




Special Introductory Offer!

As you can imagine, just one nugget, just one simple idea gained from one of these books could pay for these books many times over for you.  Because this is the first time that these 12 incredible books are being offered to the public in many, many years, Joe and I would like to offer you something very, very special.

Instead of purchasing each and every book individually, we've packagaged everything up for you.  You will get all 12 books delivered right to you.  Not only that, but we painstakingly scanned each and every single page so you'll have digital copies of these books meaning... you'll get instant access!

Within just two minutes, you can be reading part I. of the Pelmanism Course!  No need to wait for an 18 pound package to arrive to your doorstep sometime next week.  No need to pay massive shipping costs.

We've made it VERY easy for you!

As soon as you order, you'll be directed to a page where you can download all 12 books.  Any time of the day or night!

There Is Absolutely Zero Risk With Our 8 week Guarantee!

Of course, Joe and I guarantee that these books are everything we say, and more.  If, after you purchase, you disagree, or don't like them, or don't like... well, anything... you've got 8 weeks to get a complete refund.  No questions asked.  Just email us with your info and we'll refund your money with no hassle.

But, once you read these books, and start using the magic you find inside them, I suspect you'll be smiling to yourself, and congratulating yourself on what an alarming deal you made.

There really is a million dollars worth of magic in each book, if you actually look for it.

Order Today And Save Over $200!

By ordering today, you will save over $200 plus have instant access to all 12 Pelmanism books!

Initially, we were going to release each incredible book for only $19 per book. That is a steal!

Because of this launch, and because we really wanted to "give away the farm", you can access all 12 books for only $19! That's only $1.58 per book!

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